Pause and ponder those two words.  What do they whisper to your soul?  Which direction do they sweep across your heart?  What sparks do they fan into flame?

Never underestimate the power of well-placed words.  Today’s episode introduces what could easily be described as the 72 most mind-blowing words that have ever been strung together.  The secret to the simplicity we all seek succinctly summed up in one minute, thirty-seven seconds.  72 words, 97 seconds, out of the mouth of Jesus encouraging one thing.  Simply live.  Welcome to the Table!  Beatitudes are on the menu!  We saved you a seat!

Featuring the Wayne Kerr Band song “Greatest Day Ever” (Used by Permission).


Did you know the average child laughs over 300 times a day?  And the average adult?  Only 17 times.  Today’s episode will encourage some of us to reclaim those 283 laughs we’ve been missing.

There is wisdom in whimsy.  And there is life.   Proverbs 17:22 declares, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.”  And this is just a holy hunch, but we’re not sure you can really be listening for God’s voice and not hear His gentle chuckling.

We dare you to tune in for a few moments and not at least smile.  Whimsy is that contagious.  And this is flat-out one of the funnest episodes we’ve ever done.  So there.  Pull up a see-saw and join us.

Note:  No feathers were ruffled in the editing of today’s edition.

Featuring “Seahorses” by Singer-Songwriter Ross King.   (Used by Permission)

Also featuring excerpts from the oldest known recording of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D Minor.


A Conversation With Special Guest:  Wayne Kerr

Braving.  To meet or face courageously.  To pursue what makes you come alive.  To listen to a God whisper on the wind.  To launch into the river, toss the oars, and raise sail.  Braving.

Today’s special guest is Wayne Kerr – Artist.  Musician.  Creative.  In 2020, Wayne released an incredible book titled – Braving.  It is a joy to bring Wayne to the Table along with co-host Steph Cherry as we explore the daunting, exhilarating life we all could be living if we dared to get into the river and let go.

We saved you a seat so you can.

Pause.  Be.  Challenged.

Go.  Be.  Brave.

Featuring Wayne’s song “The Mirror” (Used by Permission).


Rules.  Everybody has them!  Some of us get caught up in them.  Some of us have a total disdain for them.  But whether you are compliant or whether you rebel, you have to admit – we all have rules.  We all have formulated a system of accumulated guidelines we use to navigate life.

In today’s appetizer episode, host Robert Barge will share a few of his personal rules curated through the years.  You may hear a rule or two you wish to adopt for yourself, but even more so, today’s podcast is shared with the encouragement that you will curate your own list of personal guidelines.  So don’t bail out just yet.  We think you might be in for a delightful surprise or two.

Featuring “The Potter and the Clay” by Singer-Songwriter J Lind   (Used by Permission)


Life is a mighty fine mosaic.  A Van Gogh canvas exploding with glory and fervency.  Impressions layered on thick by a cacophony of word and thought.    Spinning at a blur.  Always saying something if you but dare to listen.  God’s whispers wisp all around.

Today’s conversation with Christian Life Coach (and occasional Guest Co-Host) Steph Cherry froths with whimsy and wisp.  From country roads to Palm Sunday donkey butts, to gleanings from Steph’s visit at a recent Writer’s Conference.  You might think this is much ado about nothing, but we dare imagine there’s a sentence here, or two, that might prompt a resurrection within.  Skye Peterson’s wonderful song alone is worth the table stop.

Featuring “Resurrection In you” by Singer-Songwriter Skye Peterson

 (Used by Permission)


It was the Thursday night before Jesus was arrested, tried, and nailed to a cross.  In less than 24 hours, He would be dead.  His last hours of freedom were spent in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Gethsemane means “oil press.”

Jesus confesses to His disciples, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow.”  The forces of darkness and evil are already descending on Him.  The snake is in the garden again.  The boa constrictor of distress is circling His whereabouts and is dangling from the olive trees.

Step with us into “the place” where the cross was settled.

The snake is in the garden.

Gethsemane is the oil press.

And Jesus is the olive.

Featuring “Celebrity” by Singer-Songwriter Ross King (Used by Permission)


For many of our listeners, it is the season of Lent.  Lent is a time when Jesus’ followers reflect on His life, death, and resurrection.  It is also a season of identifying with sorrow, brokenness, and sacrifice.  Lent is a desert season.

On any given day, today’s episode would be timely.  In the past few days, our hearts have been stunned once again by senseless tragedy in Nashville, Tennessee.  Over the weekend, tornados literally blew entire communities off the map.  And on and on our stories unravel.  Not a single day goes by where we could not pray for someone presently experiencing loss.  We live in a world of perpetual Lent and lament.

On today’s episode, I share three brief essays I wrote ten years ago during a prolonged season of personal grief:  When Prayer Becomes Breath, A Warning to Jesus On His Last Night on Earth,” and Epic.  And we will also hear another great song from J Lind.  So, have a seat at the Table and lean in to lament.

Featuring “Lean Into It” by Singer-Songwriter J Lind   (Used by Permission)


To curate is to bring together something unique – sometimes, something that has never been brought together before or has been apart for a long, long time.  It may have all originated from the same source, from the same Creator, but it has been a long time in coming back around to one specific place.  And sometimes that place is you.

Today’s appetizer episode explores the curiosity, wonder, and surprise of being invited by our Creator to chase Him into the art of curation.  Like stepping into a sidewalk chalk masterpiece and rekindling your inner 3-year-old self.  Like following bread crumbs sown by the Bread of Life.

Featuring “So It Goes” by Singer-Songwriter J Lind   (Used by Permission)


A Conversation With Special Guest:  Russ Ramsey

Art is often the surprise I did not expect.  In 2022, the surprise swept from canvas to page with the discovery of Russ Ramsey’s wondrously titled book – Rembrandt Is in the Wind.  This was one of my favorite books last year.  And I could hardly wait to bring Russ to the Table for this week’s conversation.

Russ is a pastor and an author with the added gift of storytelling.  He encourages listeners and readers to learn to love art through the eyes of faith.  By the time we finished talking, it felt like Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Vincent were gathered around the Table with us.

Rembrandt is still in the wind.  Redemption is still in the air.  And there is always a chair for you to join in.

Dr Who and Van Gogh –

Featuring “Sandcastles” by Singer-Songwriter Skye Peterson (Used by Permission)


There’s a reverence and rhythm to life on the streets, where worship and party mingle with joy and affliction. It is a good thing to walk where any one of us could be; it is a good thing to be where Jesus already is.

Guest co-host Steph Cherry and I have both walked alongside sidewalk parishioners and broke bread in the cathedrals of the street.  We have been taught by the wisdom of homeless hearts and been blessed in the learning.  I was a chaplain in a downtown mission for a season; Steph continues to serve through the Boho Table where tacos and tears are standard fare.  Come, listen to the beat and songs of homeless hearts.

                        In Memory of our friends, Sonya Spotts and Robbie Collins

Featuring “The Rock I’m On” by Singer-Songwriter Ross King

 (Used by Permission)