To curate is to bring together something unique – sometimes, something that has never been brought together before or has been apart for a long, long time.  It may have all originated from the same source, from the same Creator, but it has been a long time in coming back around to one specific place.  And sometimes that place is you.

Today’s appetizer episode explores the curiosity, wonder, and surprise of being invited by our Creator to chase Him into the art of curation.  Like stepping into a sidewalk chalk masterpiece and rekindling your inner 3-year-old self.  Like following bread crumbs sown by the Bread of Life.

Featuring “So It Goes” by Singer-Songwriter J Lind   (Used by Permission)


A Conversation With Special Guest:  Russ Ramsey

Art is often the surprise I did not expect.  In 2022, the surprise swept from canvas to page with the discovery of Russ Ramsey’s wondrously titled book – Rembrandt Is in the Wind.  This was one of my favorite books last year.  And I could hardly wait to bring Russ to the Table for this week’s conversation.

Russ is a pastor and an author with the added gift of storytelling.  He encourages listeners and readers to learn to love art through the eyes of faith.  By the time we finished talking, it felt like Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Vincent were gathered around the Table with us.

Rembrandt is still in the wind.  Redemption is still in the air.  And there is always a chair for you to join in.

Dr Who and Van Gogh –

Featuring “Sandcastles” by Singer-Songwriter Skye Peterson (Used by Permission)


There’s a reverence and rhythm to life on the streets, where worship and party mingle with joy and affliction. It is a good thing to walk where any one of us could be; it is a good thing to be where Jesus already is.

Guest co-host Steph Cherry and I have both walked alongside sidewalk parishioners and broke bread in the cathedrals of the street.  We have been taught by the wisdom of homeless hearts and been blessed in the learning.  I was a chaplain in a downtown mission for a season; Steph continues to serve through the Boho Table where tacos and tears are standard fare.  Come, listen to the beat and songs of homeless hearts.

                        In Memory of our friends, Sonya Spotts and Robbie Collins

Featuring “The Rock I’m On” by Singer-Songwriter Ross King

 (Used by Permission)


We’ve all heard about The Box.  Most of us probably have a Box collection.  Everybody wants us to have one.  Or if we don’t have one yet, they encourage us to make one.  But they would really rather prefer we took one of theirs.  Their boxes usually tell us how to believe and what to believe and sometimes even convey their most important rule – “stay in the box.”

Today’s episode flips those boxes upside down with a challenging question about getting outside the box and an incredible story about one of my favorite heroes of faith – Clarence Jordan.  Dare to overturn a box and join us at today’s Table.

Featuring “Cedar of Lebanon” by Singer-Songwriter Skye Peterson

 (Used by Permission)


Lunch and Conversation at Ladybird Taco in Nashville, Tennessee

                        Featuring Special Guest:  Skye Peterson

I don’t find songs so much as songs find me.  Out of the blue they walk up to me and introduce themselves like long lost friends.  That is exactly how I would describe meeting today’s feature song, “Searching For Us,” by today’s special table guest, singer-songwriter Skye Peterson.

When Skye and I met for lunch at Ladybird Taco, I was already a fan of her music.  But from the get-go – in the pre-conversation over great tacos to the spontaneous high five after recording today’s podcast conversation, I became a fan of Skye Peterson, the person.  

Join us for good food, music, and conversation.  Skye recommends the Salsa Verde Braised Chicken Taco and I like the Brisket with Avocado Taco.  Both are winners.  We saved you a seat.

Featuring “Searching For Us” by Singer-Songwriter Skye Peterson  (Used by Permission)


Welcome to the 100th setting of the Table!

There is so much good awaiting you here today.  

A tasty banquet of thought, music, and treasure await.

Do you know God’s middle name?

Do you know where the Garden of Eden is?

Can you remember the last time you were wowed by God?

Get ready, ‘cos it might just happen in the next 24 minutes!

Our very first Table guest – Johnny Mount – returns for a special cameo visit, along with a couple of other guests.

And Featuring “Wonder Of It All”- a brand new song by Singer-Songwriter Skye Peterson (Used by Permission)


A Conversation With Special Guest:  Andrew Lowen

Are you a gamer?  Check your closet.  The average gamer owns 1-25 board games.  You may be a gamer and not even know it!  And there’s a new game coming out this spring that is already proven to be a game changer.

Guest co-host Steph Cherry and I converse with game designer Andrew Lowen about his upcoming board game Deliverance – the highest crowdfunded Christian game ever.   Deliverance is a cooperative game for 1-4 players of angels, demons, and saints caught up in a battle between opposing spiritual forces.  

A former professional gamer, Andrew also shares how his life transitioned from video games to board games and how his journey to bring Deliverance to your table began 6 years ago.  Choose your hero – check your sword -it’s game on!

Featuring “Things That I’m Afraid Of” by Singer-Songwriter Ross King (Used by Permission)



A Conversation With Special Guest:  Dr. Brian Guenther

I met Brian Guenther at a backyard concert in June 2021.  He was recovering from a second brain surgery performed on him just six weeks prior.  I never would have guessed.  And then I heard his astounding story.

Dr. Guenther is an educator – the President of San Marcos Academy in San Marcos, Texas.  He is a husband and the father of four children.  He is quick witted – a great conversationalist.  But one day, he was struck with supersonic hearing.  (SCDS is the official medical term.)  When it came to sound, Superman had nothing on Brian.  The roar within was deafening.  And the pain threatened to silence his song for good.

This is an amazing story of debilitation, faith, resilience and humor.  And when the enemy roars, finding the strength to roar back.

Featuring “Walk in the Valley” by Singer-Songwriter Ross King (Used by Permission)


This is an amazing time we live in.  We have the ability to place a device on our wrists to record how many steps we take in a day and how much rem sleep we get at night.  We are surrounded by specialists and trainers who can tell us an abundance of details about certain aspects of our lives.  And there are 3 to 4 million podcasts out there to fill in the void.  With all this knowledge, where do we measure our souls and our relationship with God?

Today’s podcast raises two questions:

“Do you know where you happen to be?”

“Do you know what God knows about you?”

Join us at today’s table for an appetizer of an episode to help you discover some secrets about you and God.

Featuring “Build the House” by Singer-Songwriter Ross King (Used by Permission)


A Deeper Conversation With Special Guest:  Steph Cherry

“I’m overwhelmed by the power of edit.”

“A lot of trauma is the lack of a compassionate witness.”

These were just two of the gems shared round last week’s table with Hope Coach and Counselor Steph Cherry.  And our Season 5 opener “Bless the Tacos and Pop the Clutch” resonated with so many listeners, we thought it would be nice to bring Steph back to unpack some ways to be a light in the midst of your own personal trauma.

Steph, her husband Denbigh, and a host of friends set The Boho Table as volunteers loaded with taco feasts at The Church Under the Bridge in Waco, TX and at the Trinity Center in downtown Austin, among other places.  

Today’s podcast again is about hope.  The rhythm, a little gentler; the discussion, a little more organic, as we explore the terrain of personal trauma.  Laughter and tacos are still our standard fare.  Dig in and pass it on.

Featuring “Build the House” by Singer-Songwriter Ross King (Used by permission)