Soul down.  Not as in, “Why are you downcast, O my soul?” (Psalm 43:5), but more like “Slow your soul down.”  You are carrying way too much weight.  You are accelerating at way too fast a speed.  Soul down.  You will need a deeper anchor to navigate all you are called to do in any given day, as well as all the activities the world pitches your way.  Soul down.

Today’s episode asks three questions:

– What are your deep spiritual practices?

– How do you stay deep in your relationship with God in the midst of the constant vortex of a world that keeps trying to pull you away?

– How do you keep your soul anchored?

We’ve set the Table with soul food today and we saved you a seat!

Featuring “8th Wonder – Campfire Version” by The National Parks (Used by Permission through Musicbed).


A Conversation With Special Guest:  Steph Cherry

The year is barely begun and most New Year’s resolutions are still being pursued.  How are you doing with yours?

I am delighted to sit down with Special Guest Steph Cherry.  Steph is a therapist, life coach, chef to the homeless, a well of deep wisdom, and my good friend.  And today we will be encouraging all our Table guests to choose words over resolutions, as in “What’s your word of the year?”  So get ready to chow down and word up!

Featuring “The Well” by JJ Heller (Used by Permission through Musicbed).


Twenty-five years ago, I came across an article about Taos Pueblo in Northern New Mexico.  Every year the Pueblo Indians who live around Taos observe “the time of being still.”  From December 15th to January 15th, the pueblo shuts down from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life and observes a whole month of silent contemplation.

Imagine an entire month to be still in the presence of God for the soul purpose of spending time with Him.  What if we contemplated Christmas afterwards equally as intense as we anticipated Christmas before we celebrate?

Today’s episode includes a cameo visit with therapist and life coach Steph Cherry, and features the music of R. Carlos Nakai and William Eaton performing “Silent Night (with Navajo Chorale).”  (Courtesy of Canyon Records)

Welcome to a new year at the Table!


On Christmas Day, I found myself slipping into a booth at my local Waffle House and was immediately struck how it felt like slipping into a church pew.  The Spirit of Jesus was present amidst the eggs, bacon, and waffles.

Where are the places and when were the moments when Christmas found you this year?

What spoke Christmas to you, and what did it say when it spoke?

Join me on a Christmas journey acknowledging one of the greatest presents of Christmas – the gift of good memories.  As I reminisce over my Granny’s sweet muffins and luminarias in New Mexico, perhaps you’ll recall a covey of good moments all your own.

I’ll drop a quarter in the Waffle House jukebox and we can listen to Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors sing “Joy to the World” (used by permission) as we share Christmas brunch.  I recommend bacon and sausage because …. it’s Christmas!


Tonight is the longest night of the year!  Winter Solstice!  This special seasonal episode offers three perspectives on this dark night.  First, there is the phenomenal wonder of nature that tonight is.  Something magnificent is happening in our ecliptic journey through space tonight.  Second, there is a personal story about the joy of this night for me and my family.  And finally, there is a deeper application for many of us, as this dark night symbolizes our own personal dark night of the soul.

Lean in and hear the voice of The Light!  Soak up Ross King’s wonderful song.  And anticipate the coming of Christmas – just four more sleeps away.

Featuring “Bethlehem (2022 Version) by Singer-Songwriter Ross King. 

(Used by permission).


‘Tis the season for familiar stories.  George Bailey returns to the battle of Bedford Falls as Charlie Brown continues his search for the perfect Christmas tree.  And Mary and Joseph journey once again to the little town of Bethlehem.  The true Christmas story of the birth of Jesus is the story bizarre.  It is a mysterious, wonderful gift that invites equal parts ponder and scoff.

Jesus came down from heaven and stepped into our story.  His story seems bizarre to us because we have often made a mess of our own.  We chase a story perfect in denial of our own version of the story bizarre.  

Welcome to today’s special Advent table featuring Ellie Holcomb’s song, “Hope Is Alive”  (Used by Permission).


Welcome to the concluding episode of a six-part series from 2021 – “Wrestling with God in the Season of Job.” In the final chapters of his arduous journey, Job is down for the count. God shows up in a fury. All of Job’s questions dissolve in a storm of generous mercy. 

Perhaps the ashes & questions are still fresh in your story. Perhaps it seems God has abandoned you. Wherever you find yourself on this mid-November day, there is hope. And beauty for ashes. And a God who never leaves.

Featuring Jill Phillips’ song “Generous Mercy” (Used by Permission).


You have a voice.  You have a voice print.  You’ve been given a voice no one else has, because it flows out of a heart uniquely created in you by Your Creator.  

Today’s episode encourages us to spend some time curiously pondering, “What is my voice?”  “What are the themes in my life that resonate deep within?”  “How can I use my voice to encourage others?”  And along the way we’ll hear a new song by one of our favorite musical voices – Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors.

Seek your Creator’s voice and you will find your own.

Featuring the Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors song “Find Your People” 

(Used by Permission).


A few October days in Yosemite found me sitting on the edge of a valley full of thought pondering faith, boring Christianity, and a lack of curiosity among the faithful.  I listened to God breathe in the solitude and babble in the waterfall.   Indiana Jones crashed through my reverie on his way to freedom and a hippie prophet popped out of a pit toilet with a word from the Lord.  You might just wade through this unusual episode and hear something to help you realize you are not alone.  Or you might just dismiss it due to a lack of curiosity

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is guaranteed to at least introduce you to two great songs by Becca Jordan, a singer-songwriter you need to know.  

Come sit on the edge of your faith with us and look into the well of your soul.

Featuring “Same Old” and “Everywhere I Go” by Becca Jordan. (Used by Permission)


Welcome to the fifth session of a six-part series from 2021 – “Wrestling with God in the Season of Job.” Back then, the world was emerging from a year-long hiatus.  It was one of the harshest seasons many of us had ever known and it brought a lot of pain to the surface of our lives.

Today’s episode begins towards the end of Job’s story.  He is ready to throw in the towel.  His friends refuse to listen or understand; God just doesn’t seem to be listening.  If you are feeling any or all of this right now, you are at the right place.  And we have reserved a special place for you to join us – at the Table of Redemption.

Featuring Jimmy Baker’s song “All I’ll Ever Need” (Used by Permission).