Lunch and Conversation at Ladybird Taco in Nashville, Tennessee

                        Featuring Special Guest:  Skye Peterson

I don’t find songs so much as songs find me.  Out of the blue they walk up to me and introduce themselves like long lost friends.  That is exactly how I would describe meeting today’s feature song, “Searching For Us,” by today’s special table guest, singer-songwriter Skye Peterson.

When Skye and I met for lunch at Ladybird Taco, I was already a fan of her music.  But from the get-go – in the pre-conversation over great tacos to the spontaneous high five after recording today’s podcast conversation, I became a fan of Skye Peterson, the person.  

Join us for good food, music, and conversation.  Skye recommends the Salsa Verde Braised Chicken Taco and I like the Brisket with Avocado Taco.  Both are winners.  We saved you a seat.

Featuring “Searching For Us” by Singer-Songwriter Skye Peterson  (Used by Permission)