For many of our listeners, it is the season of Lent.  Lent is a time when Jesus’ followers reflect on His life, death, and resurrection.  It is also a season of identifying with sorrow, brokenness, and sacrifice.  Lent is a desert season.

On any given day, today’s episode would be timely.  In the past few days, our hearts have been stunned once again by senseless tragedy in Nashville, Tennessee.  Over the weekend, tornados literally blew entire communities off the map.  And on and on our stories unravel.  Not a single day goes by where we could not pray for someone presently experiencing loss.  We live in a world of perpetual Lent and lament.

On today’s episode, I share three brief essays I wrote ten years ago during a prolonged season of personal grief:  When Prayer Becomes Breath, A Warning to Jesus On His Last Night on Earth,” and Epic.  And we will also hear another great song from J Lind.  So, have a seat at the Table and lean in to lament.

Featuring “Lean Into It” by Singer-Songwriter J Lind   (Used by Permission)