A Conversation With Special Guest:  Wayne Kerr

Braving.  To meet or face courageously.  To pursue what makes you come alive.  To listen to a God whisper on the wind.  To launch into the river, toss the oars, and raise sail.  Braving.

Today’s special guest is Wayne Kerr – Artist.  Musician.  Creative.  In 2020, Wayne released an incredible book titled – Braving.  It is a joy to bring Wayne to the Table along with co-host Steph Cherry as we explore the daunting, exhilarating life we all could be living if we dared to get into the river and let go.

We saved you a seat so you can.

Pause.  Be.  Challenged.

Go.  Be.  Brave.

Featuring Wayne’s song “The Mirror” (Used by Permission).