I met my first sequoia tree a little over a year ago.  If you want to feel young on your birthday, visit a sequoia.  He was over 1600 years older than me.  

Today’s episode is about trees and autumn – my favorite season of the year.  It’s about the mystery of watching God’s dream unfold in ways you never could have imagined.  It’s about birthdays and sequoia cones and Rich Mullins and Jesus holding all of this spinning planet together.  It’s an eclectic blend of fresh ponderings and Spirit wind in the trees.  And John Mark McMillan’s powerful song poem encouraging us to not only consider the magnitude of the seeds we sow, but the harvest that is to come as a result.

Come and sit a spell beneath the trees.  We saved you a seat.

Featuring the John Mark McMillan song “The Roads, the Rocks, and the Weeds” (Used by Permission).