Thomas was one of Jesus’ 12 disciples.  He has unfortunately been labeled as a doubter.  He missed Jesus’ first post-resurrection appearance to His disciples.  He had a backstage VIP pass to the greatest event in all of history and he didn’t even show up.  One Sunday later, Jesus and Thomas finally came face to face.

Thank God for the oddball and the outlier.  Otherwise, we all would have missed one of Jesus’ final blessings.  A resurrection beatitude that potentially has our names written all over it.

“O the bliss of everyone who has not seen Jesus walking around resurrected with their own eyes, and yet have believed.” (John 21:29)

Featuring “I Will Never Be the Same” by Ellie Holcomb (Used by Permission through Musicbed).

Painting – The Incredulity of Saint Thomas – by Caravaggio.