I like the word navigate.  I like the images that come to mind when I ponder that word.  It falls into a category of simplicity, of a way of life that brims with more intensity, with more pure oxygen than any artificial substitute our culture keeps seducing us to embrace.

To navigate is to know where we are, and to know where we want to go.  Once those two points are established, we follow the way.  It behooves us all to choose our path wisely.

You can navigate a trail, a river, a kayak, a surf board. But can you truly navigate your soul?  Yes, I believe you can.  Because if you don’t, someone is going to.  And they might just have you believing the path you are on is where you really want to go.

Featuring “Constellations” by Ellie Holcomb (Used by Permission through Musicbed).