Dinner and Conversation at Wintzell’s Oyster House in Montgomery, Alabama

                        Featuring Special Guest:  Hank TeutonI

learned of today’s podcast guest – Hank Teuton (rhymes with crouton) – from a comment of a total stranger.  It is amazing where God will lead when we pause and pay attention.  When Hank and I sat down to some good southern seafood at Wintzell’s Oyster House, it was one “wow” after another.  He served 31-years in the US Coast Guard. Along the way he became a luthier with a unique mission.  Hank names his instruments Baruch Guitars (Baruch is Hebrew for “blessed.”)  And although it is a completely different word with different meaning from the “blessed” of Jesus’ beatitudes, I could not help but think, “This is what someone’s life looks like when it becomes a living, breathing beatitude.”  So join us at our outside table.  We saved you a seat and some hushpuppies.