Lunch and Conversation at Reata Restaurant in Alpine, Texas
                    Featuring Special Guest:  Andrew Daniels                       

Whenever I meet a couple like Andrew and Rachael Daniels, I am reminded and encouraged once again that God is very much at work all around us all the time.  Andrew and Rachael own and operate Cedar Coffee and Supply in the high desert mountains of west Texas.  But they do a latte more than that.  There is a deeper purpose behind every macchiato they serve.  And if you happen by their coffeehouse on a Sunday morning, you can join them for Bible study.  (I was honored to teach there just the day before sitting down to this podcast.)  As some of their patrons have expressed over espresso – “there’s a cool vibe about this place.”   I sat down with Andrew at one of my favorite restaurants in the Big Bend – Reata.   He had the shrimp tacos; I enjoyed the fried chile relleno.  And after we wrapped up the table, we headed back over to Cedar & Supply so I could try a Desert Spring.  It was as refreshing as this episode.  So pull you up a chair and join us.  We saved you a cup!