Lunch and Conversation at Lek’s Railroad Thai in Montgomery, Alabama

                    Featuring Special Guest:  Chuck Conner

Today marks a first for the podcast.  We have brought back one of our former guests, Chuck Conner, for a second conversation round “the Table.”  In “A Drummer in the Distance” from May 27, we talked about Chuck’s days as drummer in my favorite Christian rock band of the 80’s and 90’s, Geoff Moore & the Distance.  This time around we catch up with what Chuck is doing now.  He is the Executive Director of Christian Missions Unlimited – an organization “giving ordinary people an extraordinary opportunity to serve others” in Brazil.

This is such a fun conversation and some of Chuck’s answers to my questions caught me completely off guard.  I love how Chuck zeroed in on “the big picture.”  Why do we do what we do and what is really going on with it? Chuck and I sat down once again to some phenomenal Thai food in downtown Montgomery.  Get you a glass of Thai tea and a bowl of Tom Kha and join us.  We saved you a seat.

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