Lunch and Conversation at Chappy’s Deli in Prattville, Alabama

                    Featuring Special Guest:  Greg Duke

“Blessed are the quirky, for they shall be given lots of grace.” That statement definitely resembles me, but it equally applies to today’s podcast guest, as well as all the rest of us.I love it when wonder grabs hold of my imagination and stretches me beyond previous limits, or reminds me of something I’ve forgotten. Meeting new friends like Greg Duke has a way of doing that.  Greg is saturated with contemplative grace.  He gets it!  He overflows with it, so much so that you walk away pondering grace as well. Thanks to Greg, I have been introduced to the 6th century philosopher Boethius, I know what petrichor is (it’s awesome, I can tell you that), and I am craving buttermilk.  So here’s a little quirky before the turkey; a little grace before Thanksgiving!  Enjoy!

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