(Featuring Brief Musical Excerpts from “Christmas At Shades”and “Behold the Lamb of God”)

The first Christmas came in its own way and on its own terms.  Mary and Joseph anticipated the birth of their son Jesus, but they never could have guessed the way it actually went down.  Unexpected road trip.  Animals intruding Mary’s birthing suite.  Shepherds gawking at the door.  A mess of a wonder and a wonder of a mess.Christmas comes on it’s own terms.  And that how I choose to celebrate it.  I just let it come.  I just watch it unfold.  I anticipate it, but I deliberately choose to not become frantic about it.  And that is so liberating.  So instead of coming to a table this week, I invite you to accompany me on my Advent season.  Along the way we’ll stop and take in a song or two from two of the most incredible worships I have ever attended – “God With Us.  God For Us.” from “Christmas At Shades” and Andrew Peterson’s incredible “Behold the Lamb of God.”  Come share this journey and let us wonder as we wander.

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