A Conversation With Special Guest:  S.P. Rowe

Our souls need to worship God the same way our bodies need food and rest.  This is always so, but perhaps now we are more acutely aware of this need.  Worship in a time of crisis can heal our thoughts and restore our spirits.  

I always marvel at those who are gifted in helping us find connection with God through music and praise, who take themselves so completely out of the frame. all we see is God.  Today’s podcast guest Stephen Peter Rowe (S.P. for short) has that gift.  Stephen serves Vineyard 61 Church in Balham and Battersea, England, a little south of London. So cut yourself a slice of banoffee pie and join us.  Not only will you get a firsthand account from the other side of the world; you get to hear Stephen’s new song, “Cast Your Cares.”  Your soul will thank you when we’re through.

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