Today’s experimental podcast is told in random bits and pieces.  I have never felt led to craft a mosaic story until now.  I’m not even sure there is a category for this. Except, this is the manner in which my mind works and in which I find myself attempting to communicate these days.  Mosaics are made from broken pieces to form pictures and patterns that communicate.  To call this episode verbal art is probably too much of a stretch, but the world is on pause right now and we all have a lot of stuff swirling around us. At the same time, we all have been granted a unique gift to slow down and perceive life at the speed of God.  This is my story of a few of the fragments of my 2020 spring.  You’ll hear parts of my journey I’ve never shared before, as well as my favorite coffee mug, a sonnet that struck me deep, my dysfunctional personality, some dialogue from a favorite movie, and a song.  All of this pointing to a single truth – God is always speaking to us. Only those who listen hear.  And it could be His next word for you will be heard in the kaleidoscopic sound of mosaic.

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