Lunch and Conversation at Habanero’s in Millbrook, Alabama

                        Featuring Special Guest:  Robert Mullins

Love God.  Love people.  Make disciples.  Those are three commands Jesus gave for anyone who chooses to follow Him.  Most of us have a pretty good grasp of the first two;  it’s the third one we’re not quite sure about.

It’s a joy to bring Special Guest Robert Mullins to today’s podcast.  He and I have a lot in common besides our first name, including helping people actively pursue what it means to make disciples.  (It’s not as mysterious as it sounds.)  Robert is a disciple, husband, father, artist, author, and pastor.  He is the founder of Passion Tree Network and has recently launched a brand new website featuring his art.

So join two Roberts at our second different restaurant table in a row to feature Tacos Especiales.  We saved you a seat.

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