Lunch and Conversation at Dreamland Bar-B-Que in Montgomery, Alabama

                        Featuring Special Guest:  Jared McCroryHope.  It may be the most powerful gift you could give, especially when the one receiving it has little to none.  Where and to whom do you offer hope on a regular basis?Today’s Special Guest is Jared McCrory.  Jared is the Executive Director of Children’s Hope, a ministry offering tangible hope to orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti.   Jared and I recently sat down at one of the most iconic BBQ joints in the south to break bread and share hope.  
We have saved you a seat at this giant circle of hope and we’re passing hope from one person to the next like a plate full of Dreamland ribs.  Jesus is the one who got this dream circle started.  When He enters our lives, He brings the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).  His hope fills us and we pass it on down the table to others.  Guitar-maker Hank Teuton built a beautiful Hope Guitar.  He passed this hope into the hands of Children’s Hope to be used to raise money to bring hope to children in Haiti.  Hank’s guitar has been passed through the hands of an abundance of musicians, including Vince Gill, Andrew Peterson, and others.  On September 23, Shane and Shane will lead worship in Montgomery, Alabama  and online, and if you have joined this circle of hope by giving $100 or more to Children’s Hope, you might be the one to get up from that table of hope with a $20,000 guitar in your hands.   And hopefully, whoever wins it and wherever it goes, that guitar will keep on resonating and passing a heapin’ helpin’ of hope!So share this special episode with every guitar player you know, listen to the conversation yourself, and go to to donate and learn more.

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