Today we have not one guest – we have five.  Five Smooth Stones.  Many of us associate those three words with the famous David and Goliath bout.  Little vs. big.  Good vs. evil.  Underdog vs. giant.  And so, we imagine we already know where today’s episode is going.

Consider this though.  What if the greatest giant you face is you?  What if he or she lives in a cave inside your heart?  What if the five smooth stones you need to subdue this giant are connected to thankfulness and gratitude?

The possibilities from this table are endless, as you are invited to join the fun and the whimsy and the wonder and the encouragement of gathering rock quintets of your own.  So, take off your shoes and wade into the stream.  There’s even an ever-changing Spotify playlist to inspire you.  Let the Thanksgiving search begin.