A Conversation With Special Guest:  Dr. Brian Guenther

I met Brian Guenther at a backyard concert in June 2021.  He was recovering from a second brain surgery performed on him just six weeks prior.  I never would have guessed.  And then I heard his astounding story.

Dr. Guenther is an educator – the President of San Marcos Academy in San Marcos, Texas.  He is a husband and the father of four children.  He is quick witted – a great conversationalist.  But one day, he was struck with supersonic hearing.  (SCDS is the official medical term.)  When it came to sound, Superman had nothing on Brian.  The roar within was deafening.  And the pain threatened to silence his song for good.

This is an amazing story of debilitation, faith, resilience and humor.  And when the enemy roars, finding the strength to roar back.

Featuring “Walk in the Valley” by Singer-Songwriter Ross King (Used by Permission)