A Very Special 5th Birthday Table Episode 

Featuring Special Guest:  Chris McLane

Originally Recorded July 19th, 2019 – Dinner and Conversation at Mooyah’s Burgers in Birmingham, Alabama.                                                                                          

Originally Released July 22nd, 2019

Redemption’s Table was launched 5 Years Ago today – April 22, 2019.  And since then, 146 episodes have been released.  The original idea was simple.  Invite a special guest each week to share a meal at a restaurant of their choosing and record a conversation with them in the restaurant after the meal.  That idea and this podcast almost didn’t happen – until I had a conversation with one very special person I already knew.  My good friend – Chris McLane.

I met Chris at Brother Bryan Mission in downtown Birmingham. He was truly one of a kind. A brilliant mind and sharp wit. I saw a theologian or a Christian apologist within. We often met at Vulcan Park to walk the trail from Vulcan to Green Springs and back.  Those walks were good, rich conversation. I was grateful to have been present when Chris went under the waters of baptism at Redeemer Church in Avondale.

Chris stepped into the presence of Jesus last summer.  And I’m one of many who miss him.  But I know Who Chris knew, I know Who Chris trusted, and I know where Chris is because Chris surrendered to Jesus.

I owe Chris an enormous debt. I think of him almost every week as each new podcast episode is released. Without Chris, this podcast idea would probably still be sitting on the runway. His computer expertise made it happen and he co-produced and edited the first 36 episodes. And somewhere in the archives, waiting to be found again, was Chris’ own episode – “If I Don’t Have to Be Me Anymore.”  

It suddenly came to me last night where Chris’ story might possibly be.  And when I checked, there it was.  So on this 5th anniversary of the Table, I can think of no other story that represents better what Redemption’s Table has always aspired to be.  I believe this release honors Chris and honors Jesus.  It’s Chris’ authentic account of his story and how Jesus redeemed him.

I think of something often said by author Brennan Manning – “God loves you unconditionally, as you are and not as you should be, because nobody is as they should be.”  That’s especially true for me.  That’s my story.  That’s Chris’ story.  That’s all of our stories.