Conversation with Special Guest:  Raymond Turner

Recorded Live in Sparklefly Studio in CookChildren’s Medical Center – Fort Worth, Texas.

We step in and out of sacred spaces every day, oft times unaware.  But every now and then, we are overwhelmed from the outside in and the inside out simultaneously, just by being where we are.  

That’s how I felt when I visited Raymond Turner at Sparklefly Studio in Fort Worth, Texas.  Raymond is the Recording Studio Producer at Sparklefly – a professional state-of-the-art recording space inside a children’s hospital.  Talk about innovative and one-of-a-kind.  Raymond helps children battling illness write and record their own songs.  Some of Raymond’s work includes taking the heartbeats of little ones in the NICU unit and lovingly turning it into music for their families.  Some of these children are either premature, struggling to survive, or have already passed away.

How incredibly redemptive is that!

Featuring “Brand New Day” and “HeartSong” – recorded and produced by CookChildren’s patients and Raymond Turner (Used by Permission).