Breakfast Burritos and Conversation at Jett’s Grill in Marfa, Texas

                        Featuring Special Guest:  Mike Murphy

Today’s podcast guest made some of the best calzones I have ever tasted.  When Mike Murphy opened Murphy’s Pizzeria in Fort Davis, Texas in 2001, I became an instant fan.  And Mike and I became friends.  On a recent trip to West Texas, Mike and I met for breakfast burritos at Jett’s Grill located in the charming, historic Hotel Paisano in Marfa, Texas.  What followed was true table talk as we conversed about some of the ways God has showed up in Mike’s journey and Mike’s ever-increasing appetite for God’s Holy Word – the Bible.  Grab a burrito and join us – I recommend the ones with long green chiles and Asadero cheese.  We saved you a seat.