Conversation at Wishbone Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama

                    Featuring Special Guest:  Marty Raybon

They sing about sacred Sundays in the south, double blessings of roses, and getting to the church on Cumberland Road on time, among other things.  And every solitary one of American country band Shenandoah’s 26 singles, 5 #1 Hits, 3 Gold Records, and 1 Grammy winning song is still sung somewhere in the vicinity of the heart.Today’s podcast guest Marty Raybon is the lead singer of Shenandoah.  I was blessed to catch up with Marty on New Year’s Eve day in the Sweet Home Alabama town that’s got the Swampers who’ve been known to pick a song or two.  Marty and I talked about the early days of Shenandoah, including the band’s amazing sophomore album “The Road Not Taken.”  And from there, Marty shared his own personal journey and the road surrendered.  I encourage you to put down the TV Guide, grab you up some barbecued chicken, and set a spell at “the Table.”  We saved you a rocking chair.

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