Conversation at Insights Counseling Center in Birmingham, Alabama

                    Featuring Special Guest:  Tal Prince

Psalm 139 declares us “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Yet a lot of us are walking around convinced we are “fearfully messed up” and almost to the end of our hope. It is a delight to welcome Tal Prince to the podcast.  Tal is owner, director, and therapist at Insights Counseling Center. This fresh Prince episode brings porn to the table, – and the death penalty, and The Innocence Project, and addictions, and isolated pastors, and a whole mess of other stuff that needs to be brought out into the open.  This conversation is gonna stick with you for a while and needs to be shared with every one you know, ministers included.  For every shade of grey in your life, a million shades of mercy await at the Father’s table.  He saved you a seat. 

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