King Cake from Deaux Boys and Conversation Around the Home Table in Millbrook, Alabama

Featuring Special Guest:  Hunter Harris

If Jesus was Cajun, one of His most famous invites might o’ sounded like this:  “Who dat who is tired, worn slap out, and frazzled?  Come unto Me and I’ll show you how to take a real, good rest, for my yoke is the big easy and my burden, it be light.”  (Matthew 11:28-30)  Well, Cajun or not, Jesus is the namesake to king cake.   

The journey of Lent begins this week.  I define it as a wonderful journey of intentionality.  When I thought of that trait, today’s guest, Hunter Harris, came to mind.  When I asked Hunter how I could pray for him this year, he said, “I feel like I have a lot to learn and I want my ‘rest’ to be my ‘abiding’ in Christ…”   That’s a good ask.  That’s intentionality.  So join us at this table planted betwixt where Mardi Gras ends and Lent begins.  Set a spell and rest your weary bones while we rustle up a slice of king cake; we saved you a seat.

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