Lunch and Conversation at Sinclair’s East in Montgomery, Alabama

                    Featuring Special Guest:  Katie Blair

Of the four original seasons, almost everyone I know has a favorite.  But I don’t know a single solitary soul who likes the fifth season – the season of brokenness.  This season overstays a welcome it was never extended in the first place.  While the others are three months and done, death, loss, grief, and pain leave a trace of their lingering presence the rest of our lives.Today’s podcast guest Katie Blair and her entire family has been in grief’s shadow of late.  From a son battling a chronic illness to a fire that destroyed their home to the death of both of Katie’s parents, these past few years have been a chapter right out of the book of Job.  Yet even in the midst of all this, there is hope.  We welcome Katie to the table and look forward to the launch of her own podcast coming later this spring – “She Said Death.”  A chair awaits you at the table.  We recommend the quesadillas.

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