Lunch and Conversation at Home Plate Diner in Hueytown, Alabama

                    Featuring Special Guest:  Larry McNeal

Do you know peace right now?

Today’s podcast guest Larry McNeal was standing on the corner of Broadway and 149thStreet in New York City when he thought to himself, “I’ve had just about everything a person can have, but there’s something missing in my life. I do not have peace.” We live in disconcerting times.  There appears to be more bad news than good, but the best news is – appearances are deceiving.  God is still God.  He is still showing up in amazing ways in people’s lives.  Larry’s journey is this week’s Exhibit A.  (My pulse quickens every time I hear his story.)   So go grab a tray and order up some good meat and three.  Then join us at the table.  We saved you a seat.   And if you’re looking for peace, look up.  Peace is about to find you. 

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