A Conversation With Special Guests:  John Lankford and Madison Kerns of Five Loaves

There are so many layers to this special midweek episode.  Our nation’s medical community is on the frontlines of what very well may be the fight of our lifetime. One creative organization in Birmingham, Alabama has come up with a tangible way for the Magic City to say “thank you” to area healthcare staff.   The CareHealth Initiative coordinates meals for those working tirelessly to turn the tide on this pandemic.  (Fast forward 24 minutes to learn more.)It was an honor to catch a few moments with Five Loaves Founder John Lankford and Five Loaves Director Madison Kerns and discover this incredible organization that, under less stressful times, combines food, art, and conversation to connect an entire community.  May this podcast inspire you to meet tremendous need wherever you are – and if that happens to be Birmingham, go to http://www.urbanavenues.com/carehealth to learn more.  The life you feed today may be the one God uses tomorrow to save someone you love. 

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