Conversation and Dinner With Special Guests:  David and Kelly Cochran

Welcome to our 50th Episode!  Hopefully by now, you feel at home around this weekly table of hope and good news. Since we launched on Resurrection Monday 2019, it has been one entrée of encouragement after another.  That’s a recipe we all could use a little more of as we face this momentary crisis. 

It is Holy Week.  The last week of Jesus’ earthly life was a rollercoaster of highs and lows that shattered on a Friday we now call “Good.”  When Jesus died on a cross that Friday afternoon, no one could see how any “good” could ever rise from that.  Sometimes our journeys follow similar courses.Today’s table is set with grace.  Before the quarantine, I was honored to share a meal with Special Guests David and Kelly Cochran and share in one of the most sacred conversations I have ever had.  Almost two years ago, David and Kelly’s son Max took his own life after struggling off and on with mental health issues for 19 years. At a time when the world is hurting, we need to especially look after those who’s everyday lives feel as anxious as ours do now.  This is the first of a two-part story that will resume next week on Resurrection Monday. Thank you for joining us.  www.maximizingmentalhealthinc.com

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