Conversation and Dinner With Special Guests:  David and Kelly Cochran

Welcome to Resurrection Monday and the opening episode of Season #2!  Last week we shared the first half of a two-part conversation with Special Guests David and Kelly Cochran.  Almost two years ago, David and Kelly’s son Max took his own life after struggling off and on with mental health issues for 19 years.  David and Kelly graciously allowed us to re-walk their joyous, yet tumultuous journey with Max, all the way to the place where stones seem final.What you’re about to experience is a reminder we all need to hear, especially in challenging days like these.  Jesus is still risen!  God is still Sovereign!  Jesus can still redeem any and every circumstance surrendered to Him!  And when God rolls a stone, it keeps on a rollin!’ Thank you for joining us and check out to learn more.

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