Redemption’s Table with Robert Barge EPISODE 1 “Salsa and Surprise”

Lunch and Conversation at Little Donkey Mexican Restaurant in Homewood, Alabama

Featuring Special Guest: Johnny Mount.

For over 50 years, Johnny has been a mount of encouragement and a fount of God’s wisdom and surprise. He sees our world with authentic perspective worth emulating. He currently serves as Pastor for Congregational Care at The Church at Ross Bridge in Hoover, Alabama. Come join us as we sit down to tacos, fried chicken, and an enticing conversation that will leave you hungry for more.


What is Redemption’s Table & Introductory Podcast

Every now and then, I say something that surprises even me. It springs forth from my spirit as if it has waited there since Almighty God first knit a thread of His image at my conception. It is a gem of a thought mined from deep within my miry clay. And when my mind mines it (say that three times real fast), I’m like, “Where did that come from?” Or more like “Who?”‘cos I know it wasn’t me.

Several years ago, I was sitting at a table on the ocean with a precious friend. Gulf waves were rhythmically kneading the shore. Seagulls and pelicans were patrolling the surf. We were fresh from worship, ready to dive into some fried shrimp and smoked tuna dip. Table banter was flopping back and forth like fresh catch of the day. And somewhere in the course of those treasured moments, I spoke about a “table of redemption, party of three.”

The idea must have flung a craving on me, for I have been marinating in the lagniappe of redemption’s table ever since.

There’s something about sharing a common table. Every opportunity to do so becomes a celebration of life. From appetizer to entrée, from dessert to sobremesa, there are few experiences that equal the joy of having a place setting in the presence of someone “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Redemption’s recipe is best savored at communion tables such as these where it seems the Host of heaven Himself comes down and nourishes our hearts with what we need the most. Relationship. Truth. Mercy. Grace. Love. And sometimes, even a little bit of salsa.

Welcome to Redemption’s Table – a fresh ingredient podcast launching Resurrection Monday – April 22, 2019. Every week I will sit down to this table with a Special Guest, share a restaurant meal or cup of coffee or an ice cream cone, and engage in a recorded podcast conversation, on site, with redemption as the main course. These interviews will be edited for a weekly podcast that will broadcast every Monday morning.

You’re invited to join in on this flavorful adventure that will accentuate the reality of redemption in the lives of everyday people like you and me. A reality that, I believe, finds its ultimate expression in Jesus of Nazareth, Who is the “not-so-secret ingredient” to the redemption we all seek.

So, come hungry and slide on into the booth ‘cos, “Party of redemption! Your table is now ready!”