I like tunnels.  I like exploring them. I like driving through them.  For me, they are synonymous with National Parks.  From the Great Smoky Mountains to Glacier to Zion.  I like tunnels. They bear testimony to tons of hard work – literally.  Blood, sweat, tears, adversity, prolong seasons in the dark, resilience, and an undaunted spirit. I like tunnels.  And sometimes, I feel like I’m digging through one and I’m not quite sure where the tunnel is going to come out on the other side.  Perhaps you can identify.  Welcome to this week’s appetizer episode.


Lunch and Conversation at Dreamland Bar-B-Que in Montgomery, Alabama

                        Featuring Special Guest:  Jared McCroryHope.  It may be the most powerful gift you could give, especially when the one receiving it has little to none.  Where and to whom do you offer hope on a regular basis?Today’s Special Guest is Jared McCrory.  Jared is the Executive Director of Children’s Hope, a ministry offering tangible hope to orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti.   Jared and I recently sat down at one of the most iconic BBQ joints in the south to break bread and share hope.  
We have saved you a seat at this giant circle of hope and we’re passing hope from one person to the next like a plate full of Dreamland ribs.  Jesus is the one who got this dream circle started.  When He enters our lives, He brings the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).  His hope fills us and we pass it on down the table to others.  Guitar-maker Hank Teuton built a beautiful Hope Guitar.  He passed this hope into the hands of Children’s Hope to be used to raise money to bring hope to children in Haiti.  Hank’s guitar has been passed through the hands of an abundance of musicians, including Vince Gill, Andrew Peterson, and others.  On September 23, Shane and Shane will lead worship in Montgomery, Alabama  and online, and if you have joined this circle of hope by giving $100 or more to Children’s Hope, you might be the one to get up from that table of hope with a $20,000 guitar in your hands.   And hopefully, whoever wins it and wherever it goes, that guitar will keep on resonating and passing a heapin’ helpin’ of hope!So share this special episode with every guitar player you know, listen to the conversation yourself, and go to       http://www.childrenshope.com to donate and learn more.


Sometimes you sense God’s presence and sometimes you don’t.

Sometimes life feels like Job 23 – you search for God and you can’t find Him.

At other times the truth of Psalm 139 is overwhelmingly evident – you couldn’t hide from God if you tried.Welcome!  Our Special Guest today is present for every episode and is a participant at every “Table.” You can’t always guess where or how He’ll show up, but you can rest assured He is always there.  Today we’ll examine our need for “soul recovery” as we “wrestle with God in the season of Job.”  And we’ll take a trip out west to a couple of National Parks where The Presence is waiting to surprise!  So put on your hiking boots and join us.  We saved you a canteen.


Conversation at the Ruby Ranch ranchhouse in Las Vegas, New Mexico

                        Featuring Special Guest:  Owen Young

Today’s podcast tells the story of a cowboy, a pool player, and a pastor, and they’re all the same Stetson-wearing amigo. 

Our Special Guest Owen Young is one of my best friends.  He dares imagine his story might not measure up to some of our previous guests.  Yet, I don’t think that’s quite how God sees him.  I am amazed at how wide God throws His loop in Owen’s surrendered hands. From the saddle to the poolhall, from a pulpit in the mountains of New Mexico to places around the world, this is a story of someone who will “do to ride the river with.”  So saddle up and join us!  We saved you a horse


That word has a more positive backspin than you might dare imagine.  It’s a lighter shade of blue and it’s this week’s Appetizer Episode.

Each of these special podcasts revolve around a single word, offering a unique and sometimes peculiar perspective on that word.  It’s like looking at something familiar, but from a different angle.  Hopefully, you’ll never hear melancholy the same way after today and you’ll recognize it for the wonderful God gift it is.


Lunch and Conversation at Habanero’s in Millbrook, Alabama

                        Featuring Special Guest:  Robert Mullins

Love God.  Love people.  Make disciples.  Those are three commands Jesus gave for anyone who chooses to follow Him.  Most of us have a pretty good grasp of the first two;  it’s the third one we’re not quite sure about.

It’s a joy to bring Special Guest Robert Mullins to today’s podcast.  He and I have a lot in common besides our first name, including helping people actively pursue what it means to make disciples.  (It’s not as mysterious as it sounds.)  Robert is a disciple, husband, father, artist, author, and pastor.  He is the founder of Passion Tree Network and has recently launched a brand new website featuring his art.

So join two Roberts at our second different restaurant table in a row to feature Tacos Especiales.  We saved you a seat.




Lunch and Conversation at Jalapeno’s in The Alley in Montgomery, Alabama

                        Featuring Special Guest:  Hank Teuton

Well there you are, and here we are – FINALLY – sitting down at our first restaurant table in over a year!   And it could not have been more perfect.  Today’s gem of a podcast is one of the reasons I love doing what I am called to do.  

Hank Teuton is Today’s Special Guest and I am blessed to call him friend.  He originally appeared at The Table during our first season in the immensely popular episode, “Blessed Are the Guitar-Makers.”  For 20 years, Hank has been crafting beautiful musical instruments as a luthier, a mentor, and a discipler.  And his latest work, The Hope Guitar, is absolutely astounding – and thanks to Hank, you could not only win “Hope,” but give it at the same time.

Hank created the Hope Guitar to raise funds for Children’s Hope and their work with orphaned children, struggling families, and needy communities in the country of Haiti.   This beautifully designed guitar is inspired by Hebrews 6:19 – “we have this hope as an anchor for the soul.”  I intend to be one of the first to give to Children’s Hope for a chance to bring home this musical masterpiece and I plan on sharing this podcast with every guitarist I know.  I hope you’ll join me in both efforts.     www.childrenshope.com
In the mean time, order the Tacos Especiales and join us in outdoor seating.  We saved you a seat.


We all need it.  Add it to the list along with oxygen, water, food, shelter.  We all need it and we all need to give it.

Welcome to “the Table!”  It’s Holy Week in the Christian church and this week’s episode has a more mystic, somber vibe.  At the heart of it is perhaps the most disarming words Jesus ever spoke.  While hanging on the cross, He prayed over the crowd, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”  

Mercy!  We all need it.  The banquet doors are open and you’re invited to the table.  We’ve even prepared a special Mercy Playlist to accompany your meal over on Spotify.  Let the Party of Redemption begin.


Well there you are!  And welcome back for the second of our brand new Appetizer Episodes!

This week’s word is “WILD.”  What comes to mind when you hear that word?  Perhaps something you were “born to be” that gets your motor running.  Or maybe that “thing” that makes your heart sing.

Did you know that Wild is chasing you, pursuing you, all the time?  It surrounds us and has the capacity to astound us if we would but pause to notice and accept the invitation it offers: to take up the chase.  Those who chase the Wild with the same intensity as the Wild chases them are always in for surprise.So come to the table.  Sign up for our appetizer give-away.  Check out our Wild Playlist.  And join in the chase.


Well there you are!  Welcome to our Third Season!  We will soon be back to restaurant tables highlighting great food and one-on-one conversations.  But in the meantime, we’re kicking off our year with something brand new – Appetizer Episodes!

Every week we will put the spotlight on a single word and we’ll explore that word in ways perhaps you have never considered before. We’re even giving away free appetizers to one lucky listener every week this season when we broadcast these special appetizer episodes.  So come hungry because “Party of Redemption, your table is now available.”